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Introducing the Upstarters

Being on the edge of the world has fostered a unique way of looking at challenges – and New Zealanders are known for stretching themselves, going beyond the accepted wisdom, and following good ideas wherever they lead. Those values are reflected in unique and often world-leading technology and innovation.  


Historical isolation has driven us to become innovators,  and we’ve had to be creative, practical, and ready to challenge convention. We’re carrying that approach forward in today’s connected world, with New Zealand tech companies offering fresh perspectives, creative energy and the ability to find unexpected answers to old problems. 

Proven innovations from New Zealand, boosted by international resources and networks, are a winning combination. Our tech businesses deliver at scale in markets around the world, from silicon chip production to healthcare and creative industries - and with nearly one fifth of New Zealanders based overseas, our tech network, infrastructure and ecosystem has worldwide reach.

When it's time to take on global markets, New Zealand tech businesses are ready to move faster, go further and work harder to make it happen. They're also natural collaborators, with a collaborative, open way of working that results in highly effective commercial partnerships.

We may not be the biggest, but we always strive to be the best – easy to work with, trustworthy, and creating tech that's good for the world.

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Tech is New Zealand's

third largest export sector

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in Asia-Pacific for attracting foreign investment




out of 139 countries for business & innovation

In more detail


With deep scientific and commercial expertise, New Zealand’s healthtech sector is known for its creativity and ability to offer new perspectives on global healthcare challenges.

Faced with the growing cost and delivery pressures of local healthcare, our healthtech businesses have created a culture of innovative product development, testing and trialling leading-edge technologies before taking them to the world. Their efficient product solutions and proven capabilities in niche services allow them to provide practical, patient-focussed and cost-effective ways to improve clinical outcomes.

As a small nation, New Zealand has developed a unique collaborative approach to problem-solving in healthtech. Universities, research institutions, health technologies and care providers work together to find solutions to worldwide healthcare challenges. Cross-fertilisation between surgeons, clinicians, vendors, healthcare providers and the commercial sector has led to affordable and user-focussed health technologies.

Brands such as Fisher & Paykel Healthcare and Douglas Pharmaceuticals are well-established success stories in global markets. Other pioneers such as Volpara, Aroa Biosurgery and Pacific Edge are leading a new generation of global healthtech companies developed in New Zealand.


In the early 1980s, when the world was still wedded to cash, New Zealanders adopted EFTPOS payments – and we haven’t looked back. Ever since we swapped notes for cards, New Zealand has played a key part in bringing new financial technologies to the world stage.

Fintech is New Zealand’s fastest-growing technology sector, growing at 31% per annum.

Our financial innovation ecosystem is diverse, ranging from payments start-ups, wealth and financial management platforms, crowd-funding, and peer-to-peer lending platforms to specialists in emerging areas like regtech, insurtech, blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

With a drive for innovation and problem-solving, our fintech businesses have close working relationships with regulators and are part of a well-connected, vibrant fintech ecosystem, bringing banks and financial providers, startups and Government agencies together.

New Zealand’s appetite for new technology means we’re well placed to lead the fintech revolution, helping consumers around the world to find better ways to access and manage their money. Our digitally literate market offers an ideal springboard for fintech products that can be rolled out across the world.

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