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Transforming natural energy

New Zealand is a pioneer in using natural energy to power the lives of millions of people, with a long and proud history of generating energy from clean technologies. Renewable energy is central to our sustainable values – and we’re proud to share our expertise with partners around the world.

New Zealand prides itself on its high use of renewable energy for the generation and supply of electricity. We enjoy an abundance of natural energy resources, from unique geothermal landscapes to hundreds of kilometres of rivers and some of the world’s strongest winds.

We draw 85 percent of our electricity from renewable sources, including hydropower, geothermal, wind, biopower and solar generation. With a national commitment to raise this proportion to 90 percent by 2025, we’re committed to further innovation in renewable energy, giving us an edge in sharing our technology and expertise with the world.


Our long-term commitment to renewable energy means we have decades of experience harnessing renewable materials and reducing emissions and waste, along with a globally connected workforce with deep expertise in applying these technologies. New Zealand is globally recognised for its experience in incorporating high levels of renewable generation into complex transmission networks.

New Zealand businesses have unique, specialist expertise across a number of renewable energy and clean technology sub-sectors, including energy efficiency, waste processing, and harnessing alternative renewable energy supplies for specific industrial and commercial sites.

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biggest geothermal producer in the world




developing geothermal resources internationally




of New Zealand's electricity 

from renewable sources

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Geothermal energy

New Zealand’s indigenous Māori have drawn on geothermal forces for cooking, bathing and healing over hundreds of years. Today, geothermal power plays a key role in New Zealand’s energy mix, and the creativity and expertise of our people is helping to awaken its potential for secure, clean energy in markets around the world.

New Zealand pioneered geothermal energy in the 1950s, with our first geothermal power station at Wairākei, north of Taupō, using a pioneering steam-water separator to harness the energy from wet steam. New Zealand’s scientists and engineers have been in demand ever since, partnering with international researchers and energy developers and contributing to geothermal projects and exploration in Africa, Asia and South America.

Today, New Zealand has the highest proportion of geothermally-generated electricity of any OECD country. We’ve added 421 megawatts of geothermal generation capacity in the last decade, doubling our output and making New Zealand the world’s fifth biggest geothermal producer.

Our businesses have extensive experience of international best practice across the entire geothermal value chain – including regulation and permitting, exploration and drilling, design, procurement, project management, construction, operations, maintenance and environmental modelling.

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