Ocean forged

As an island nation, New Zealand has a deep affinity with the sea and a long history of boat building and sailing. Original thinking, advanced materials, and unparalleled expertise combine to give our vessels and technology a winning advantage.

New Zealand is defined by the sea, with the world's ninth longest coastline (over 15,000 kilometres, or 9,400 miles) and Exclusive Economic Zone fifteen times its land area.


The Southern Ocean bordering New Zealand is also notorious for some of the toughest sea conditions on earth.

Our diverse marine environments, from protected harbours to rugged oceanic waters, has given our marine industry a focus on designing and building recreational and commercial vessels that perform when it counts and can be used in a wide variety of conditions year-round.

New Zealand excels in the design and manufacture of small professional boats and marine equipment where speed, endurance and rugged construction are key factors. Our marine technology companies are in demand as supply chain partners for commercial and defence projects around the world.

New Zealand is also recognised internationally for leading-edge, high-performance marine innovation. From pioneering the world's first fibreglass racing yachts to the latest carbon composite technology, our marine businesses have a well-earned reputation for fresh thinking and impeccable quality, with regular accolades at the annual World Superyacht Awards.

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America's Cup will be defended

by Team New Zealand in Auckland



world titles won by sailors representing New Zealand 

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marinas/yacht harbours located in New Zealand

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